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The difference between the new digital currencies “zcash and monero

 There are many currencies that have been known and spread recently on the Internet, and they are known to be digital currencies, that is, they are not tradable on the ground, but they have a special purchasing power.

digital currencies zcash and monero
The difference between the new digital currencies “zcash and monero

What is the currency of Monero?

Monero is one of the digital currencies that became famous a short time ago, and it was called by this name, which means money in the Latin language. In addition, this currency allows trading in many amounts, and aims to protect consumer privacy and hide their addresses.

One of the most important features of this currency is that it is not possible to be exposed to corruption through previous commercial transactions, and this confirms that this currency will not be exposed to the risk of censorship.

Zcash coin

Zcash currency is one of the digital currencies that have been known in recent years, but it has gained wide spread, and it is one of the alternative currencies to the bitcoin currency, but this currency is characterized by the privacy of information unlike the bitcoin currency, as it gives the user a promise of obtaining the highest levels of security, Zcash's protocol is end-to-end encryption, ensuring the privacy of all transaction metadata.

Monero coin now

– One of the most important issues about this currency is that many people contribute to it and develop it now, in addition to the fact that all forums and chat channels have welcomed this currency in a big way, especially when the idea of this currency system and the privacy of working with it spread, as it was known that it It has already been developed by the most important crypto experts in the world, in addition to the fact that the currency cannot be canceled from circulation in any town, because it is not subject to the laws of anywhere in the world.

- As for the price of the Monero currency, it is mentioned that it has reached 100 US dollars in the recent period, since it was circulated three years ago, and this rise has gradually reached little by little, especially after the Alphabay market accepted the trading of this currency, and Like all financial transactions, the Monero currency has benefited greatly from this rise against the Bitcoin currency, as its price a year ago did not exceed four dollars only, then its price rose little by little until its last jump jumped to reach 90 US dollars on the eleventh. August 20th, in less than 24 hours.

Zcash currency now

The Zcash currency is currently trading at a price of up to 280 US dollars, and thus it is in the fourteenth place among all digital currencies, and it is reported that this alternative currency to the bitcoin has aroused the interest of many recently.

Due to the fact that this currency is fully encrypted, it has been used by many from all over the world, and thus it is expected that it will invade the market in the coming period.

Monero coin mining

Since the launch of the Monero currency and has been known as an open source currency, this currency relies on an algorithm known as Cryptonight, which is unique as well as easy to mine, just what the user needs is a powerful processor and a large graphics card.

Zcash coin mining

The Zcash currency depends on cloud mining at special prices for currencies, and the mining of this currency takes place in a maximum period of 24 hours only, which facilitates its trading.

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