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What is ethereum digital currency? Is Bitcoin going to skyrocket?

There are many currencies that we know in our modern world, including currencies that are traded via the Internet only, and they have no tangible reality. One of the most famous of these currencies is the famous Bitcoin, as well as a new currency known as the Ethereum currency.

Ethereum cryptocurrency
What is ethereum digital currency? Is Bitcoin going to skyrocket?

Ethereum coin

The Ethereum currency was launched for the first time in 2015. Ethereum technology was relied upon to create this currency, and it was created similar to that known currency called Bitcoin. As for the database on which this currency is based, it is known as the blockchain, and on Although the Bitcoin currency was created with the sole aim of being an alternative to those well-known currencies, the Ethereum currency was created from a variety of applications, and this group has a commercial point of view focused on this currency, and thus it is one of the most important currencies that occupies a place An alternative to those traditional currencies.

– The first issues of this currency were in August of 2015, where the value of the Ethereum currency reached about 2.8 US dollars, and since that time this currency has witnessed great development in all levels, until it reached its highest levels ever, that level reached about 21 and a half US dollars, and now it is traded at about 12 US dollars, which is a market value that increases and decreases according to use.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin

– The Ethereum currency was not created for the purpose of replacing the current currencies, but rather to consider it as an alternative image that can be used and benefited from in payment, and this currency was created mainly for users to be able to use and enjoy it, with the aim of providing a wallet through which the applications that can be used can be used It is now being developed.

The supply of Ethereum coins is infinite, and this is one of the most important differences between them and Bitcoin, as the supply of Bitcoin is very limited and is scheduled to be stopped completely during the year 2140, in addition to the fact that the supply of Ethereum is directly stumbling with currency makers.

– All this is in addition to the fact that the Bitcoin transaction is more slow than the administrative currency, as its work takes approximately ten minutes, to be completed, but the Ethereum transaction is processed within a period not exceeding 15 seconds, which helps in its speed and volatility as well as its liquidity.

As for the owners of the bitcoin currency, it was created by some of the first people, while the ethereum currency is witnessing crowdfunding, and this means that this currency is owned by the people who actually bought it.

Ethereum trading method

– Since it was introduced, this currency has suffered from many sharp fluctuations, even today’s change rate reached 30%, after which this currency was able to attract a large number of traders on a daily basis, who wish to achieve this desired profit from such extreme fluctuations , This is different from Bitcoin, the currency that is determined in the market in certain proportions. As for Ethereum, a large number of currencies have been minted until the number of currencies per day reached about five coins every 15 seconds.

– The Ethereum currency is considered one of the most important and most appropriate currencies that suit daily investments, as well as with long-term investments. For daily investments, the goal is to achieve the largest profit by taking advantage of sharp fluctuations, through attention and focus with some of the charts of the Ethereum currency, as well as by The application with the events surrounding the currency that may affect its price level, but on the far level, those in charge of this currency and investors believe that it will be the next Bitcoin in the near future.

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