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Defining a non-profit organization

Organizations and their appearance

With the development of human life and the establishment of states that worked to regulate relations between citizens within the state, there was a need for the existence of a group of entities that specialize in providing specific services to members of the local community, and given the diversity of skills and experiences enjoyed by members of society, each of its members sought to Providing services that fall within its field of competence, and with an overlap in business and skills, many organizations that provide integrated services in specific fields have been established, and among these organizations are the so-called non-profit organizations, and in this article, non-profit organizations will be defined.

Defining a non-profit organization

Non-profit organizations can be defined as those organizations that specialize in providing some services to citizens in some public matters within the state, and these organizations are not established to be specialized in making profits or making money for their owners and shareholders, and therefore they have a special way of dealing in contrast to what organizations are treated Other profitability by law, it may be exempted from some income taxes, and some fees related to real estate and sales, and it is worth noting that non-profit organizations carry out Their sports normally, and might obtain a few earnings withinside the financial year, despite the fact that they're now no longer able to do so, and this form of employer is known as In English "Nonprofit Corporation", it may also be called "not for profit corporation".
Defining a non-profit organization
Defining a non-profit organization

Characteristics of Non-Profit Organizations

The definition of non-profit organizations includes the presence of a set of characteristics that distinguish this type of organizations from other types of organizations, and among the most prominent characteristics of non-profit organizations are the following:
  • Charitable works, environmental campaigns, relief of afflicted areas, and awareness of some diseases. The activities of these organizations may be at the local or international level.
  • Non-profit organizations can be established to contain a small group of individuals who share common interests in order to provide some services to the local community. The most prominent examples of this type of non-profit organization are scouting teams and local organizations that are established to finance small projects.
  • Usually behind non-profit organizations stands a group of individuals concerned with volunteer work, who spend their time and effort in order for these organizations to achieve their goals in serving human societies.
  • Non-profit organizations are one of the means used by for-profit organizations to reduce the value of taxes due on them, as they seek to reduce their taxable income by donating to non-profit organizations, provided that the taxable income is reduced by the amount of money donated.
  • Non-profit organizations must follow a set of public policies to ensure the conduct of their business in an official capacity so that their business is not subject to legal accountability, and the most prominent of these policies is that it has an independent board of directors concerned with reporting and control over all its business, in addition to the importance of having a tax number for the organization. It was not-for-profit and not subject to income tax.
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