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Who is the inventor of bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most famous electronic currencies, which is known in our modern age and has gained wide spread, among many users, who is the inventor of this currency.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a regular currency similar to the dollar, the euro, and others, and this currency has some differences from ordinary currencies, as it can only be traded and used via the Internet, in the strictest sense, this currency does not have a tangible physical body, and there is also no regulatory body , but it can be converted into a traditional currency through some transactions. This currency is available from six different currencies, and it can be cloned and modified, which is what is already done, and this currency was launched for the first time in 2008.

Bitcoin inventor

The inventor of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, and he published the first Bitcoin papers in an encrypted manner and was officially launched, in 2009 by a continuous team working through some postal regulations, and at that time he took all precautions so that his identity would never be revealed real.

Bitcoin inventor
Who is the inventor of bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto is a forty-year-old Japanese man, and this information is not confirmed, because this man is working to obscure his true personality in all ways. Only a pseudonym.

- There are some sources that tried to reach this person, and these sources have proven that he is one of the tech experts and he is an Australian man, not Japanese, and this source has proven that Satoshi Nakamoto's name is just a pseudonym and that his real name is Craig Wright And even the evidence for this is lacking.

- Newsweek magazine, which tried to reveal the owner of this digital currency and proved that he was called Dorian Satoshi, was among those who tried to search for this person, and this magazine has been subjected to many harassments trying to search for this man, and it is mentioned that all these details are what They are only attempts by some geeky journalists.

As for the fortune of this man, it is estimated at one billion dollars, or one million bitcoins, and this is according to the price of bitcoin, which was known in November 2013.

There have been many rumors about this man’s dealings with one of the Central Intelligence Agency, and many people have proven analyzes and conclusions about this matter, and it is mentioned that all these speculations are only following the conspiracy theory, because the Bitcoin currency does not correspond and does not It differs with the interests of all governments and banks, although this is so far.

The first real estate purchase with Bitcoin

It is mentioned that this currency will become one of the main currencies in the world, or perhaps it has already become, as there are many online stores working to buy this currency, and it is mentioned that one of the most famous purchases made using this currency was a real estate transaction made for a house in Texas, USA, where The owner gets the entire value of the house in Bitcoin.

Owner of the largest bitcoin wallet in the world

There are many well-known bitcoin wallets in the world, and the owner of the largest bitcoin wallet is Ross Ulbricht, whose portfolio was estimated at about 144 thousand bitcoins, or the equivalent of $100 million, at the current exchange rate of bitcoin.

Bitcoin faced a number of challenges around the world, because some governments considered it a threat to their national economy, and to its base currency.

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