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digital currency marketing

Marketing the currency and searching for investors

There are sites, forums, and social pages specialized in the world of electronic currencies, and here the work of the founder of digital currencies begins. He has to publish all the characteristics, information and features related to the new currency on these sites and pages in order to make the founder his currency with confidence and he has to take advantage of all the reactions of members and chiefs on the currency Then he takes the next step, which is to publish his new digital currency on the pages and forums that are not specialized in this, with adequate explanation for the users of those sites and an explanation to them that these digital currencies are only an alternative currency to the paper currencies in circulation, that is, the user can make a purchase via the Internet as if He uses a MasterCard card and can also exchange his digital currency for fiat currencies such as dollars and others.

digital currency marketing
digital currency marketing

Factors Attracting Investors

Attracting investors requires elements and factors that are available in the currency, and these factors are:

  1. First: the transfer of currency from one person to another should take a short time.
  2. Second: The transfer of currency from one person to another should require very few fees.
  3. Third: The value of the currency in the market must be good.
  4. Fourth: Relying on persistent miners to mine the new digital currency.

The more these factors are available in the currency and are able to attract the largest possible number of investors, the better results will be on the currency because the large number of investors gives material support and their use of the currency as a means of payment in their companies and projects, thus increasing the market value of the currency.

digital currency rating

The founder of the new digital electronic currency must be persistent and patient and not give up because everything in its beginning is difficult. It is not necessary for the new currency to be global but local and used in global shopping sites. Saying that creating a new digital currency is neither easy nor very difficult, and there is Said bin Jabali Arabi from Morocco who established a cryptocurrency called Santcoin.

Thus, a digital currency has been created with these four steps, so whoever wants continuity and stability for his new currency must master these steps and apply them fully.

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