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Create spreadsheets

Spreadsheets represent information in a two-dimensional data network that is linked through data-linking formulas. A spreadsheet is an accounting ledger page that displays various information for business management. The first VisiCalc software that was written for the Apple II in Clearly demonstrating the usefulness of PCs for small businesses, bookkeeping went from 20 hours a week to just a few minutes of data entry.

Define spreadsheets

They are known as programs on computers, and they are used especially in business, as they allow doing accounts and financial plans. formulas on existing data that can be reused and implemented on other data; For example, appropriate forecasting formulas can be used to enter the price of a product, and to monitor its effect on the cost of the product, then the expected total profits can be projected at the old and new price, they serve the needs of managers, economists and anyone working with relationships between types of quantitative information.
Define spreadsheets
Define spreadsheets

Benefits of using spreadsheets

Creating a business spreadsheet is one of the important things that must be done, as these tables provide a large amount of data and information that the user can refer to and perform various operations on them such as search, modification and comparison, and these tables are characterized by being simple cost, high speed and arranged in a specific order Among the most important benefits provided by spreadsheets are the following:
  • Planning the project based on the time periods needed by the project, whether these periods are long or short, as they can be used based on the period required by the work and clients.
  • It helps to anticipate customer demands based on forecasts, and these forecasts are usually not accompanied by any financial commitment.
  • It allows building a special chain of supply for products and according to customer requests, which in turn helps to keep track of the inventory of products.
  • It enables calculations to be performed automatically instead of using a calculator.
  • Use for personal investment tracking, budgeting, invoices, inventory tracking, statistical analysis, digital modeling, address books, phone books, and print labels.
  • They are used in almost every profession to calculate, plot, analyze and store information.

Spreadsheet creation requirements

There are many programs that allow the ability to build these tables, such as Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and LibreOffice. These programs can help analyze and understand any type of data if used in the right way. Among the most important requirements that must be met to create spreadsheets are the following:
  • Computers such as Windows, Mac or Linux with Internet access.
  • Any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice, or OpenOffice.
  • Some basic spreadsheet skills such as basic data entry and calculations.
  • Desire to learn.
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