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How to buy and trade bitcoin

 With the advancement of commercial fields and the spread of many items of the economy and investment via the Internet, many financial tools have emerged that can be exploited to make profits, and perhaps the most famous of these tools is the so-called bitcoin.

How to buy and trade bitcoin
How to buy and trade bitcoin

Bitcoin is a regular currency but an electronic currency that is traded online, through which products can be purchased online, or sometimes converted into real currencies in a certain way.

How to buy bitcoin

1- Opening a Bitcoin wallet (opening an account)

Before a person searches for how to obtain bitcoin, he must first open a wallet in which to put those currencies, and the wallet here means the electronic account that the person registers in his name, and it can be considered as a bank account, and there are two ways to obtain that wallet, namely:

  • Obtaining Bitcoin through a program that a person installs in his device, which is a free and open source program that can be downloaded from the official website of Bitcoin, but in this case, you must ensure that the device is valid for this process and that it should be maintained, updated and permanently cleansed of viruses.

  • It is possible to communicate with some companies specialized in Bitcoin services; To open an account for a person, and this method is the best way to reassure a person about his wallet from loss or piracy, and one of the most prominent, famous and best companies specialized in this matter is the coinbase company, which provides services for opening accounts and buying Bitcoin, and there is another company called Blockchain, but it provides only services Opening portfolios and trading indices without the possibility of trading, meaning that the Blockchain currently enables the person to obtain the wallet and then he can deal with his wallet through other platforms of his choice.

2- Get Bitcoin

After a person is able to register an account and open his own financial wallet, he must start the procedures for obtaining bitcoin to put it in his wallet, and there are several ways to do so, which are as follows:

  • A person can resort to buying bitcoin from one of the companies that provide this service, such as coinbase.
  • Bitcoin can be purchased directly from a person who offers his coins for sale.
  • There are some companies that offer bitcoin as gift cards.
  • Bitcoin may be obtained as support or by a person or association donating to the account.
  • Finally, bitcoins can be obtained in the form of real coins by ordering it from the titanbtc site and sending it home.

How to trade bitcoin

Bitcoin trading takes place through more than one method, but most of them are flimsy methods that are not widely spread, but what is known in these operations is the exchange of bitcoin in dollars and the sale and purchase of currencies according to the price of each electronic currency against the dollar, and this is done so that the person registers on one of the sites Specialized in this matter and they are many, then the owner of electronic currencies presents his need to sell them in exchange for a certain amount of dollars in order to buy something online, and here begins the journey of speculation with electronic capital and every person can buy or sell currencies according to his experience about currency prices and whether they will rise or fall and whether Will he win or lose?

There are several other ways to trade where currencies are exchanged for other currencies or other products with some selling sites or marketing companies, or to sell bitcoins to those who want to open new wallets of their own, and here a person can sell them to him more expensive than he bought and achieve through that transaction Profit and let it be daily by just $10 by making Bitcoin buy and sell transactions.

It is worth noting that the bitcoin currency has been forbidden by some countries from being traded inside, and this is to maintain the official, natural, realistic economy in the hands of the people, as the governments that introduced such an idea made clear.

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