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How to write minutes of meeting

Minutes of meeting

By taking minutes of a meeting, you will ensure that everything that went into it is documented to help take the relationship with the client to the next level. Discover useful short and quick ideas on how to create a meeting minutes document.
How to write minutes of meeting
 How to write minutes of meeting

What Are Meeting Minutes

What Are Meeting Minutes
What Are Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes are the written or recorded documentation that is used to inform attendees and non-attendees of the happenings during the meeting. The meeting minutes are generally taken or recorded during a meeting so that participants have a record of what happened during the meeting.

Keeping accurate meeting minutes is crucial for any business or organization. If someone does not accurately record the ideas and decisions from a meeting, the results of the meeting will be lost.

How to write minutes of meeting

Things you'll need to Take Minutes:
  • Portable Tape Recorders
  • Blank Tapes
  • Notebook Papers
  • Computers
Steps write minutes of meeting:
  1. Obtain the meeting agenda, minutes from the last meeting, and any background documents to be discussed. Consider using a tape recorder to ensure accuracy.
  2. Sit beside the chairperson for convenient s clarification or help as the meeting proceeds.
  3. Write "Minutes of the meeting of (exact caso association name)."
  4. Record the date, time and place of the meeting.
  5. Circulate a sheet of paper for attendees to sign.
  6. Note who arrives late or leaves early so that these people can be briefed on what they missed.
  7. Write down items in the order in which they discussed.
  8. Record the motions made and the names of people who originate them.
  9. Record whether motions are adopted or rejected, how the vote is taken (by show of hands, voice or other method) and whether the vote is unanimous. For small meetings, write the names of the attendees who approve, oppose and abstain from each motion.
  10. Focus on recording actions taken by the group. Avoid writing down the details of each discussion.

Formats Minutes of meeting

Tape Recorder
Pros Tape Recorder Minutes of meeting:
  1. Provides comfort zone.
  2. Easy to play back if uncertain about topics.
cons Tape Recorder Minutes of meeting:
  1. Voices hard to recognize
  2. Minutes too detailed
  3. Tapes must be archived with hard copy minutes
Hand Written
Pros Hand Written Minutes of meeting:
  1. Highlight key words
  2. Use colored inks (for follow-up items)
cons Hand Written Minutes of meeting:
  1. Tend to write whole sentences, not use key words
  2. Lose track of conversation
 Pros Laptop Minutes of meeting:
  1. Current technology
  2. Faster use of time
  3. Abbreviate better
  4. Minutes are quicker to finalise
cons Laptop Minutes of meeting:
  1. Clicking noise can be distracting
  2. Key pads are hard to type on
  3. Fast typing skills are required

Remember Minutes of meeting

The minutes of a meeting should include the following:
  • Date, time and place of meeting.
  • the names of the participants,
  • the agenda items covered,
  • decisions made by the participants,
  • the follow-up actions committed to by participants,
  • due dates for the completion of commitments, and
  • Any other events or discussions worth documenting
  • for future review or history.
  • Next meeting date, time and location.
  • Name of person taking the minutes

Example Minutes of meeting Formation

Name of Organization:
Purpose of Meeting:
Person ResponsibleActionDiscussionTopic



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