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What is the definition of marketing and its importance?


Organizations of all kinds perform two basic functions: the production of goods, services, or ideas, and then marketing them. This saying applies to both small and large corporations, as well as to profit-oriented or non-profit organizations.
What is the definition of marketing and its importance?
What is the definition of marketing and its importance?

Marketing is one of the words that have been widely used, especially in recent years, and its definitions have increased among marketing theorists and thinkers, and one of the reasons for its widening, complexity, change and development is the need to respond to the continuous changes in the needs and desires of consumers and their behavior imposed by the environmental variables surrounding organizations, so this was reflected in marketing, which resulted in The development, change and expansion of marketing concepts.

And if you asked five people what marketing means, you would likely receive five different answers, due to people's constant exposure to advertising and personal selling efforts, and then their association between these activities and marketing, which are just two marketing activities.
  1. The narrow concept that reduced the scope of this activity, and we notice it in the old definitions.
  2.  The broad or comprehensive concept that accurately touched on all the details of this activity, and is noted in all modern definitions.
The comprehensive concept of marketing includes several concepts:
  1. Marketing is a reciprocal process that gives valuable benefits and takes valuable benefits: as in Figure (1-1).
  2. That marketing is a continuous function: it does not end with certain limits as was previously believed, neither when products are delivered nor when consumed.
  3. Marketing is an integrated function: in terms of integration between marketing activities and in terms of integration between marketing activities and other activities.
  4. Marketing is the function of creating benefits, in order to satisfy human needs and desires by providing temporal and spatial benefits, possession and others.
  5. Marketing is a function that creates welfare for the consumer and society. It directs the consumer, satisfies his desires, takes care of his feelings, feelings and needs, and takes care of the welfare of the society as a whole, and raises his awareness of what works for him.
By contemplating this comprehensive modern concept, we find that marketing takes large and deep dimensions in society and life, as no society can dispense with it, and this is what leads us to talk about the importance of marketing.

definition of marketing

The concept of marketing, or as it is called in English (Marketing), refers to one of the processes through which many products, produced goods, or services are promoted in a way that ensures their sale and distribution to customers or customers. The marketing process consists of four main components that are represented in each From: the product or service, promotion, pricing, and distribution, knowing that one of the foundations of the success of this process is that it is well planned through the development of a clear plan that will achieve the largest possible amount of sales.

It is mentioned that this concept denotes the process of persuading and educating customers or consumers to choose a specific product or service from among many competing products and services, bearing in mind that choosing the optimal method of marketing would make this process successful, and also indicates a number of operations that are carried out by During which the company producing goods or providing services to a group of customers.

The importance of marketing

The importance of marketing stems from the fact that there cannot be a human society in which marketing operations are not carried out, although there is a disparity between these societies in the level and integration of these operations, and this shows the importance of marketing at different levels:
  1. At the level of the organization: the development, growth and even survival of organizations depends to a degree on the level of their marketing operations.
  2. At the level of the national economy: as marketing plays an important role in running the national economy of any country or society by encouraging innovation and growth for production and service organizations in this society.
  3. At the community level: the development and welfare of the community and the upgrading of the quality of life in it are achieved through competition in serving the consumer by introducing him to additional services that he has the right to demand and obtain.

Marketing steps

There are many steps through which the marketing process is successful, the most prominent of which are:
  • Understand the market, by preparing relevant research.
  • Determine the target group of customers.
  • Determine all the objectives to be achieved from the marketing process.
  • Take good care of the company's most important clients.
  • Determine the optimal method of marketing, and follow or apply it.
  • Follow-up and monitoring.

Marketing techniques

There are many techniques that are employed in marketing for small emerging projects, including:
  • Bulletins: It is one of the methods used in advertising that does not require a high cost, so it is recommended to distribute these leaflets in areas that can be delivered to the largest number of people, such as mail boxes, for example, while making sure that the publication is brief, and highlights directly the nature of the services Introduction, and clear contact information.
  • Distribution of posters: This method is considered one of the most successful advertising methods, by sticking advertisements in the designated areas in public places, such as markets and shops, while making sure that the poster is clear and eye-catching, by choosing an appropriate color for the poster, or by using ideas other of the existing tabs.

Marketing Evolution

In light of the great development in the field of business in its various fields, the field of marketing has developed a lot, as the technological and technical development witnessed by our world has provided the opportunity to use modern methods in marketing, which is to easily reach the largest possible category of customers, in record time and at the lowest possible cost, as e-marketing has become Especially through social networking sites, one of the most important and prominent ways and methods of marketing globally, as it attracts an unlimited number of customers, and the wonderful thing is that they do not belong to a specific geographic region, but rather include many regions around the world, and without any significant cost.
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